Decoding of Unsolved Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Homo Sapiens towards Africa

Movement out of Africa (Red Sea Crossing, Haadryas Baboon)
Out of Asia (India) theory
Human towards Africa (via Egypt, Kenya) (Czech,Boii,Odin,r 'odr',Tornado, Thor, Scandinavia)
Names of Mount Kenya (Greek)
An origin of script through the Hieroglyph ( 'A' has not arisen through alpha)
How has Devnagri' d (k)' originate?
What is a letter or glyph?
What is Egyptian Hieroglyph?
Vowels in Hieroglyphs
Decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs
Who was the god of Ancient Egyptians?
Eye of Horus (A rearing Cobra:, A lion Head:, Statue's green colour )
Wedjet (Vidyut)
Km.t (Misr)
Opening of the mouth ceremony
Qetesh, Indian "Durga", Akkadian "Istar", Latvian "Mara"
'Nehebkau' (hieroglyph)
Adze on block (hieroglyph)
Cobra at rest (hieroglyph)
Ra (hieroglyph)
Stool-or-mat (hieroglyph)
Quail Chick (hieroglyph)
Bread bun (hieroglyph)
Give birth (hieroglyph)
Sickle (hieroglyph)
Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sickle with Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sieve (hieroglyph)
Viper (hieroglyph)
Ib (heart) (hieroglyph)
Some others hieroglyphs (E-13, E-26, E-34, Q-5, S-18, S-24, S-39, S-41, T-22, U-40)
False beard
Khat (apparel)
Shell (etymology)
Will (etymology)
Loki (Norse)
Bragi (Norse)
Akka (Finnish mythology)
sir Vanir war (Asia)

Where did the Ancient Egyptians come from?

Is Pakistan an Original place of Ancient Egyptians?

This research paper presents a real description of Egyptian hieroglyphic's meanings, which have lost before thousand years. Though intelligentsia Egyptologists are protesting from last 200 years that Egyptian hieroglyphs have been decoded but it is not so. Each hieroglyph speaks and tells about itself. You can hear an authentic sound of hieroglyphs too.

The irrefutable and logical descriptions of 745 hieroglyphs and more than 250 king's cartouche with other topics have been unlocked with help of an original key of Sanskrit, which is always underestimated by European scholars.

Ancient Egyptians were original inhabitant of Indus valley culture, Punjab province, Pakistan (formerly India). Thousands of years ago, Sanskrit speaker Indians migrated towards Egypt.

Etymologies of European religious and other words, which they say about them "unknown origin", are decoded.

How did scripts originate? On this topic a logically and appropriate effort has been done.

The suggestions, comments or criticism very welcome!

Narender Piplani
Independent Researcher of Language and Religion

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2. The Student's Sanskrit-English Dictionary V.S.Apte

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