Decoding of Unsolved Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Homo Sapiens towards Africa

Movement out of Africa(Red Sea Crossing, Haadryas Baboon)
Out of asia(India) theory
Human towards Africa(via Egypt,Kenya)(Czech,Boii,Odin,r 'odr',Tornado, Thor, Scandinavia)
Names of Mount Kenya(Greek)
An origin of script through the Hieroglyph
How has Devnagri' d(k)' originate?
What is a letter or glyph?
What is Egyptian Hieroglyph?
Vowels in Hieroglyph
Decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs
Who was the god of Ancient Egyptians?
Eye of Horus(A rearing Cobra:, A lion Head:, Statue's green colour )
Wedjet (Vidyut)
Km.t (Misr)
Opening of the mouth ceremony
Qetesh, Indian "Durga", Akkadian "Istar", Latvian "Mara"
The original words of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Adze on block (hieroglyph)
Cobra at rest (hieroglyph)
Ra (hieroglyph)
Stool-or-mat (hieroglyph)
Quail Chick (hieroglyph)
Bread bun (hieroglyph)
Give birth (hieroglyph)
Sickle (hieroglyph)
Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sickle with Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sieve (hieroglyph)
Viper (hieroglyph)
Ib (heart)(hieroglyph)
Some others hieroglyphs (E-13, E-26, E-34, Q-5, S-18, S-24, S-39, S-41, T-22, U-40)
False beard
Khat (apparel)
Shell (etymology)
Will (etymology)
Loki (Norse)
Bragi (Norse)
Akka (Finnish mythology)
sir Vanir war



The swastika symbol expanded with Indian migrants across the world. So many funerary urns are found with mark of Indian Swastika in the various parts of Europe (Przeworsk culture, vinca culture, Vaeriose Fibula, Zealand, Denmark, the Gothic spearhead from Brest-Litovsk, Russia, Snoldelev Stone, Denmark), Ethiopia and many other parts of Africa. The Swastika is drawn either left-facing or right-facing. Both are correct. It is a kind of mystical mark on persons or things denoting good luck or lucky object.

What is the Swastika? The Sanskrit word Swastika is a conjunction of Swa Lo% and a-st vLr (ik bd is a suffix) mean 'self' and 'thrown, cast, given up, left' respectively, which mean "one who throws itself towards four (all) sides" as the Lightning throws itself all around. The first logogram of world - the Swastika has four throwing legs, is an image of lightning. The lightning is a god of 85 percent world's religion, especially Berbers, Sanatan Hindus, Buddhist, Ancient Egyptian and Germanic.

The first time in Europe the swastika was used with an "Aryan" meaning on December 25, 1907 by Adolf Hitler. Even Nazi Adolf Hitler himself was not an Aryan because Swastika is a religious symbol of Berbers across the world. Only Ramayan and Sikhism are the 'Aryan' religion.

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