Decoding of Unsolved Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Homo Sapiens towards Africa

Movement out of Africa (Red Sea Crossing, Haadryas Baboon)
Out of Asia (India) theory
Human towards Africa (via Egypt, Kenya) (Czech,Boii,Odin,r 'odr',Tornado, Thor, Scandinavia)
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An origin of script through the Hieroglyph ( 'A' has not arisen through alpha)
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Decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs
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Wedjet (Vidyut)
Km.t (Misr)
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Qetesh, Indian "Durga", Akkadian "Istar", Latvian "Mara"
'Nehebkau' (hieroglyph)
Adze on block (hieroglyph)
Cobra at rest (hieroglyph)
Ra (hieroglyph)
Stool-or-mat (hieroglyph)
Quail Chick (hieroglyph)
Bread bun (hieroglyph)
Give birth (hieroglyph)
Sickle (hieroglyph)
Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sickle with Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sieve (hieroglyph)
Viper (hieroglyph)
Ib (heart) (hieroglyph)
Some others hieroglyphs (E-13, E-26, E-34, Q-5, S-18, S-24, S-39, S-41, T-22, U-40)
False beard
Khat (apparel)
Shell (etymology)
Will (etymology)
Loki (Norse)
Bragi (Norse)
Akka (Finnish mythology)
sir Vanir war (Asia)

      Decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs


It is said that the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs was gradually achieved during the early nineteenth century. The discovery of Rosetta (Rashid) stone in 1799, an inscription in two languages and three scripts supplied the most helpful clue. Jean Francois Champollion made, building on work, by several other scholars, notably Thomas Young, the breakthrough to decipherment.

The Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are unknown as of now. The three scripts (Greek, demotic and hieroglyphic) of Rosetta stone are helpless to decipher the phonetic sound of hieroglyphs. Translation of any language is competent to describe the meaning of the other language but the translation, which is written in script, cannot tell the phonetic sound or pronunciation of the language's words. How was made the decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs by Thomas Young and Jean Francois Champollion through Greek script of Rosetta stone?

A contribution of Alan Gardiner and Francois Champollion is imperfect. They could guess less than 300 hieroglyphs' starting one or two consonants. Though they could not read a single word of the hieroglyphs, even then it is surprising that how he put persuasion of its meaning and grammar.

Still the contribution of Jean Francois Champollion and Alan Gardiner is praiseworthy.

There are two kinds of Egyptian hieroglyphs:-

The original Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are untouched and unknown.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs' descriptions, which are presenting to-day all over the world, with imaginary pronunciations and meanings, are not real. The Egyptian hieroglyphs, which have been searched since last 200 years by the Europeans, are a mystery till today. The hieroglyphs are the words of Sanskrit language, which the Europeans forgot before 2800 years with the origin of Alpha-Beta script.

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