Decoding of Unsolved Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Homo Sapiens towards Africa

Movement out of Africa (Red Sea Crossing, Haadryas Baboon)
Out of Asia (India) theory
Human towards Africa (via Egypt, Kenya) (Czech,Boii,Odin,r 'odr',Tornado, Thor, Scandinavia)
Names of Mount Kenya (Greek)
An origin of script through the Hieroglyph ( 'A' has not arisen through alpha)
How has Devnagri' d (k)' originate?
What is a letter or glyph?
What is Egyptian Hieroglyph?
Vowels in Hieroglyphs
Decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs
Who was the god of Ancient Egyptians?
Eye of Horus (A rearing Cobra:, A lion Head:, Statue's green colour )
Wedjet (Vidyut)
Km.t (Misr)
Opening of the mouth ceremony
Qetesh, Indian "Durga", Akkadian "Istar", Latvian "Mara"
'Nehebkau' (hieroglyph)
Adze on block (hieroglyph)
Cobra at rest (hieroglyph)
Ra (hieroglyph)
Stool-or-mat (hieroglyph)
Quail Chick (hieroglyph)
Bread bun (hieroglyph)
Give birth (hieroglyph)
Sickle (hieroglyph)
Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sickle with Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sieve (hieroglyph)
Viper (hieroglyph)
Ib (heart) (hieroglyph)
Some others hieroglyphs (E-13, E-26, E-34, Q-5, S-18, S-24, S-39, S-41, T-22, U-40)
False beard
Khat (apparel)
Shell (etymology)
Will (etymology)
Loki (Norse)
Bragi (Norse)
Akka (Finnish mythology)
sir Vanir war (Asia)

                                   False beard

Why did ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of both genders wear the false closely plaited wider beard?

Actually, the false beard was not worn by any Pharaoh in real life. Symbolically, it was used only in pictures or hieroglyphs. The false beard was not religious but has a deep meaning.

Usually, only adult males are able to grow beards. Over the course of history, men with facial hair have been ascribed attributes sexual virility. As a result of beard, a male becomes a husband lifelong. In ancient Egypt, a bearded man's hieroglyphs were used symbolically as 'husband'. In Sanskrit, for beard symbolic 'husband' the word is p-ti-h ifr% , which means not only 'husband' but also has many homonyms as 'a master, lord, an owner, possessor, proprietor, governor or ruler, one who presides over'. Those all words were used for god, goddess as well as for ruler (so called Pharaoh).

In India the president of Nation is called "Rastr Patih (the lord or husband of nation). Even Mrs Pratibha Patil (former President of India) being a woman was called Rastr Patih .

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