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                      Names of Mount Kenya

The word Kenya', /kenja /, originates from the Kikuyu, Embu and Kamba names for Mount Kenya, "Kirinyaga", "Kirinyaa" and "Kiinyaa". Prehistoric volcanic eruptions of Mount Kenya (now extinct) may have resulted in its association with divinity and creation among the indigenous Kikuyu-related ethnic groups. The Maasai call it Ol Donyo Eibor or Ol Donyo Egere, which mean the White Mountain or the speckled mountain respectively.

The Wakamba first pointed out the second mountain to Dr. Krapf called "Kiinyaa" which is similar to Kirima, Kirinyaga in Kikuyu.. Probably because the pattern of black rock and white snow on its peaks reminded them of the feathers of the cock ostrich.

The word "Nyaga" is a Kikuyu Embu word meaning "spot". It is a diminutive for "Manyaganyaga" (spots). The spots of the black rock and the white snow could be the origin of the words "Kiri-nyaga" which in this case means 'spotted'. Therefore, Mwene- Nyaga (Agikuyu God) means "The owner/guardian of the spotted Mountain".

The Sanskrit's definition of above words:-

1. K-n > Knia > Kniya > kiinya > kiinyaa df.k ;k means 'particle of sparking fire or water, flying fire particle of a volcano = with particles flame of volcano. The aborigines of Kenya worshipped 'fire' as Indian Aryan. The Kenya mount was called 'kiinya Kiri' (Kiri is a changed pronunciation of Sanskrit word "gi-ri" fxfj for 'mountain') meaning mountain of fire. The Europeans descendant of Indian homeland, are also using word 'giri'. Greek (of mountains) or Greece (in mountain) as its geographic mountain landscape, but they are unknown from the real etymology.

2. Ki-r-n > kireny > kirinya fdj.k ;k means 'rays of any shining substance'.' kirinyaa' was used for volcanic flames.

3. ki-r-n + ag fdj.k vx 'a ray of light + move tortuously' means fire' means 'rays or flames of fire'.

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