Decoding of Unsolved Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Homo Sapiens towards Africa

Movement out of Africa (Red Sea Crossing, Haadryas Baboon)
Out of Asia (India) theory
Human towards Africa (via Egypt, Kenya) (Czech,Boii,Odin,r 'odr',Tornado, Thor, Scandinavia)
Names of Mount Kenya (Greek)
An origin of script through the Hieroglyph ( 'A' has not arisen through alpha)
How has Devnagri' d (k)' originate?
What is a letter or glyph?
What is Egyptian Hieroglyph?
Vowels in Hieroglyphs
Decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs
Who was the god of Ancient Egyptians?
Eye of Horus (A rearing Cobra:, A lion Head:, Statue's green colour )
Wedjet (Vidyut)
Km.t (Misr)
Opening of the mouth ceremony
Qetesh, Indian "Durga", Akkadian "Istar", Latvian "Mara"
'Nehebkau' (hieroglyph)
Adze on block (hieroglyph)
Cobra at rest (hieroglyph)
Ra (hieroglyph)
Stool-or-mat (hieroglyph)
Quail Chick (hieroglyph)
Bread bun (hieroglyph)
Give birth (hieroglyph)
Sickle (hieroglyph)
Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sickle with Plinth (hieroglyph)
Sieve (hieroglyph)
Viper (hieroglyph)
Ib (heart) (hieroglyph)
Some others hieroglyphs (E-13, E-26, E-34, Q-5, S-18, S-24, S-39, S-41, T-22, U-40)
False beard
Khat (apparel)
Shell (etymology)
Will (etymology)
Loki (Norse)
Bragi (Norse)
Akka (Finnish mythology)
sir Vanir war (Asia)

                     Out of Asia (India) theory


Ernst Haeckel the German evolutionary biologist claimed the origin of humanity was to be found in Asia; he believed that Hindustan (South Asia) was the actual location, where the first humans had evolved. Haeckel argued that humans closely related to the primates of Southeast Asia and rejected Darwin's hypothesis of Africa.

Sanskrit language, 'a dominant means of culture' shall reveal 'the origin place of human' because the language is a solid and only evidence not the DNA.

The Scientists have discovered that the origin place of wolf, domesticated cow, bull, and dogs is India. Then, how can it be possible that domesticator Homo sapiens came from Africa?

Just think!

The Homo sapiens did not migrate alone from India but they spread with the Cows and Bulls (Zebu). Human beings followed the cows and those were followed for food by wolves, which later became the domesticated dogs.

Decide it yourself!

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